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The Special Amino Acid in Tea “L-Theanine” and It’s Health Benefits

Authors: Asst. Prof. Dr. Yahya ALTINKAYNAK, Asst. Prof. Dr. Buket AKCAN ALTINKAYNAK
Publishing: February 2024
Certification Number: 72273
ISBN: 978-625-6530-77-5
© All Sciences Academy

Table of Contents

    ​Chapter 1

    ​Chapter 2
    Structure and Properties of Theanine

    Chapter 3
    Origins and Factors Affecting The L-Theanine Content of Tea​

    Chapter 4
    L-Theanine Positive Effects on Health

    Chapter 5
    Dietary Sources and Intake

    Chapter 6
    Impact on Sleep Quality

    Chapter 7
    L-Theanine Benefits for Brain Health

    Chapter 8
    Pharmacokinetics and Theanine Synthetase

    Chapter 9
    Risks and Side Effects

    Chapter 10
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