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Contemporary Approaches in Engineering

Editor: Asist. Prof. Dr. Umut ÖZKAYA
Publishing: March 2024
Certification Number: 72273
ISBN: 978-625-6530-97-3
© All Sciences Academy

Table of Contents

    1. Chapter
    Determination of cutting parameters in machining inconel 718
    Abdullah ALTIN

    2. Chapter
    Spent Coffee Grounds as a Substitute for Cement in the Production of Mortar
    Ahmet Ferdi ŞENOL

    3. Chapter
    Research of superhydrophobic nanocomposite coatings with self-cleaning and anti-corrosive properties
    Yağmur Sevde TUTKAÇ, Alime ÇITAK

    4. Chapter
    Photocatalytic removal of textile dyes by titanium dioxide nanoparticles synthesised from olive leaves
    Umut Şafak ÖZTÜRK, Alime ÇITAK

    5. Chapter
    Methodology for Digitizing OIZs through Open Innovation
    Cihan YALÇIN, Akın DOĞRU, Yasemin KABA, Mustafa ACAR, Kıymet EŞİYOK, Engin IŞIK

    6. Chapter
    Detailed Investigation of Major Airplane Accidents and this in Addition to the Reasons Why Accidents Occur, These Lessons Learned from Accidents and Precautions That Can Be Taken Focus On
    Cihat AYDIN, Büşra YILDIZ

    7. Chapter
    Investigation of Scanner Electron Microscobic Properties of Volcanicrich Marine Mudstones around Lake Hazar (Elazığ)
    Dicle BAL AKKOCA

    8. Chapter
    Simulation analysis of cycle skipping strategy in SI engine fueled with ethanol gasoline mixture
    Hüseyin GÜRBÜZ

    9. Chapter
    Thermoplastic Polyolefins Based on Graft Copolymers and Their Fundamental Characterization Techniques: A Systematic Review
    Uğur SOYKAN

    10. Chapter
    Applied research on the effects of ethanol and thermal barrier coating on
    performance and emissions in a diesel engine
    Hüseyin GÜRBÜZ

    11. Chapter
    Initial Stage of Physiological Observation on Azolla Growth Using Artificial Technology
    Pauziah binti Muhamad, Aqil Ilyasa bin Badrisham, Jayakumar A/L Thomas

    12. Chapter
    Analysis with non-destructive analytical methods PXRF and μ-XRF of the materials used in the "Deisis" postbyzantine icon, National Historical Museum, Tirana
    Eglantina Merkaj

    13. Chapter
    Influence of Wind Power Generation on Voltage Maintenance in weak Power
    Abrar HUSSAIN, Fazal MUHAMMAD, Muhammad ISMAIL
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