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Contemporary Approaches in Advanced Research

Editor: Asist. Prof. Dr. Umut ÖZKAYA
Publishing: June 2023
Certification Number: 72273
ISBN: 978-625-99108-6-4
© All Sciences Academy


Table of Contents

    Chapter 1
    Design the Photovoltaic Model from the Experimental Data and Define Its Parameters by the PSO Algorithm
    Siham AISSANI, Mohcene BECHOUAT, Moussa SEDRAOUI, Dheya Alhaq Ahmed Hamood Abdullah AL QUDAMI

    Chapter 2
    Relationship Between Customer’s Needs of Justice and Customer Experience in Delighting Customer
    Syed Abdul Kadir Syed Mohd, Rohani M.M Yusoff

    Chapter 3
    Requirements For the Digital Pedagogical Competences of Technology and Entrepreneurship Teachers
    Lyubima ZONEVA

    Chapter 4
    Metamorphosed Marl As A Candidate for A Previous Gabbro: Examples From the Iraqi Zagros Collisional Belt, Mawat Ophiolite Complex
    Kamal Haji KARIM

    Chapter 5
    Development of A Test Bench for Studying the Dynamics of Slotless Motors
    Armands SĪLĪTIS, Jurģis Gregors JĒKABSONS

    Chapter 6
    Silver Impregnation Is Not A Reliable Method for Organ’s Nerve Structures Demonstration
    Elena Daskalova, Mina Pencheva

    Chapter 7
    Impact of COVID-19 and the Ukrainian War on Small and Medium Businesses in Latvia
    Vera Grāvīte-Laper
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